Video Content – Improving Your
Site’s Content Density

Source and Present Video Content to Keep Your Visitors Coming Back

Adding video to your web pages is easy with XSitePro – you can either insert video that you’ve created yourself, and that you’d like to form part of the actual site itself, or you can embed video that is actually hosted on a third-party site, such as YouTube.

Whichever method of inserting video you choose to employ, there are plenty of sources of video content online that are perfect for your site – no matter what the topic, and this content is freely available for you to embed into your pages.

If you’ve already got some video content hosted on YouTube then you can quickly add this to an XSitePro page following the simple steps below:

STEP 1: Go to your video page on YouTube

STEP 2: Copy the “embed” code, to the right of the video playback window, on YouTube

STEP 3: Right click, in your XSitePro page, where you’d like to insert the video

STEP 4: Select ‘Snippets’ >> ‘Insert New’

STEP 5: Select the ‘Source’ tab

STEP 6: Paste the copied code (from YouTube) into the source code panel

STEP 7: Click the ‘Insert’ button

And that’s it! The YouTube code will be embedded into your web page, so that when you preview (or publish) your site you’ll see the embedded YouTube video content, right there on the page.

One extra benefit of embedding your existing YouTube content into your page (apart from re-purposing existing content of course) is that every time someone watches the embedded video on your site, your YouTube watch-count increases on the YouTube site itself, boosting the popularity of your video and helping establish your video as premium content in the listings.

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